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Perfect Scents 3Scents Refill Home Air Freshener - Compatible with 3volution

Perfect Scents 3Scents Refill Home Air Freshener - Compatible with 3volution

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Perfect Scents 3volution Refill Limited Edition Scented Home Air Freshener

Plugin air freshener twin refill with notes any fragrance scents comfort and peace. Simply insert the fragrance oil refill into your plugin to freshen a room with long lasting scent Up to 90 Days 

Scent Names

Lavender & Honeyblossom, Wild Berries, Orange Blossom & Lime, Velvet Jasmine & Oud, Peaceful Night, Vanilla & Magnolia, Peony & Jasmine, White Flowers, Mountain Air, Mystic Japan, Gingerbread Spice, Forest Pine, Apple Cinnamon, Pink Grapefruit & Mint, Home Baking, Fresh Linen, Morning Dew, Summer Meadow

How to Use:

Always keep refill upright. Remove the 3 caps from the refill. Never separate the single bottles from the coloured common holder. Do not mix fragrance bottles within refills. Unplug before inserting the refill. Insert the refill until it clicks into place. Avoid damaging the wicks. Plug diffuser into socket with bottles at the bottom. Leave 50cm clear above to ensure good evaporation. When plugged in, the diffuser chooses randomly from which fragrance to start the cycle. A red light will illuminate, highlighting which fragrance is evaporating. Every 45 min a different fragrance will be diffused in the air. Adjust overall fragrance strength if required. Replace refill when bottle is empty, although light will still illuminate.
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