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Max Factor Nailfinity Nail Polish ( 10 Colours)

Max Factor Nailfinity Nail Polish ( 10 Colours)

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Max Factor Nailfinity Colours

Max Factor Nailfinity Nail Polish (10 Colours) 

Always get tough on your nail polish! There’s no excuse for chipped or flaked nail colour thanks to Nailfinity. Unlike other long-lasting polishes it clings to them giving a lustrous, freshly applied look day after day, no matter what life throws at you. Work, shop, party or hit the gym with the confidence your nail colour can stand up to the challenge.


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In Various Colours - please choose from the drop-down menu 

  1. Rose Petal
  2. Extra Glitter
  3. Wicked White
  4. Golden Peach
  5. Midnight Bronze
  6. Pearly Pink
  7. Cinder
  8. Dusky Rose
  9. Modernist Pink
  10. Nail Polish Glossy Top Coat


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