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Bumper VacBag (Vacuum Storage Solution) Size: 55cm x 75cm

Bumper VacBag (Vacuum Storage Solution) Size: 55cm x 75cm

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Bumper VacBag
Vacuum Storage Solution

The ultimate home storage space saving solution!

This bumper Vac bag is perfect for all types of home storage. Whether you are looking at storing the winter duvet away or out of season clothes, curtains, throws, bedspreads, cushions etc these storage bags will do the lot. 75% Less Space.

Simply fill the bags, zip closed and vacuum the air out of the Vac Bag. What's more, everything you pack inside these bags will be 100% protected from damp, dirt, dust and insects so you know that everything will come out in the same condition it was put in and the bags will stay compressed until you un zip them again.

Size: 55cm x 75cm

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