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Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray 500ml, Stain Remover 250g and Power Cream 350ml

Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray 500ml, Stain Remover 250g and Power Cream 350ml

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 Bar Keepers Friend Power Spray 500ml,Stain Remover 250g And Power Cream 350ml

All Purpose Power Surface Cleaner spray 500ml- Tough on Grease & Grime

All surfaces - Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Copper, Chrome, Glass, Porcelain, Aluminium, Fibre Glass, Brass, Tiles.

An All Purpose Active Foaming spray that clings to vertical surfaces making cleaning easier. Ideal for shower surrounds, bath, sinks, tiles and all of the above surfaces.

Power Cream Surface Cleaner 350ml - Gentle on surfaces tough on stains

All surfaces - Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Granite, Copper, Chrome, China, Marble, Porcelain, Plastic, Glass, Brass, Tiles, Laminates.

Works perfectly on:

  • Stubborn surface stains - including coffee, tea, fruit juice, felt-tip etc
  • Sinks (& baths) Ceramic and Stainless Steel.
  • Ceramic Hobs and Glass Cooker Doors
  • Cookware - baked-on food and rust!
  • Chrome, plastic, formica, tiles, grout, copper and brass.

Stain Remover & Multi-Surface Cleaner 250g - Cleans, Restores and Polishes

You can use Bar Keepers Friend on:

  • Work Surfaces to clean and remove stains caused by Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Felt-Tip etc.
  • Ceramics & Stainless Steel sinks and Basins to remove Dirt, Stains, Soap scum and lime scale.
  • China and Glassware to remove Tea and Coffee stains
  • Cookers to clean ceramic hobs and glass oven doors.
  • Cookware to remove baked-on food and rust.
  • Chrome, Plastic, Formica, Tiles, Grout, copper & Brass.

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