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Absorbacloth Super Absorbent ( Absorbs Up To 20oz/590ml of liquid )

Absorbacloth Super Absorbent ( Absorbs Up To 20oz/590ml of liquid )

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Absorbacloth Super Absorbent (Absorbs Up To 20oz/590ml of liquid)

  • With Absorbacloth you get 27 times more absorbency than cotton or paper towels, so you know that no matter what spills or tasks come about, you'll be high and dry!
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, Absorbacloth wants to help you wash and polish your car, boat or caravan, dry your pet, clean your windows without streaking, quickly clean up spills,
  • Make your kitchen sparkle and your bathroom gleam! With advanced x27 fibre technology
  • Absorbacloth has the muscle to pick up and hold a massive 20oz/590ml of liquid.
  • Hard spills are to clean up. With Absorbacloth all you need to do is place it over the area and it will absorb even a whole cup of liquid in an instant. No more raiding the drawer for handfuls of tea towels or inadequate paper towels - Absorbacloth is here to help!

Included in this great value pack are 4 jumbo and 6 large Absorbacloth. Completely reusable and versatile, simply throw them in the washing machine once you're done and they're fresh for their next use! Odourless, streak free.

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