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12x Schwarzkopf Extreme Violet X88 Palette Color XXL Xcite 25ml - Hair Colour

12x Schwarzkopf Extreme Violet X88 Palette Color XXL Xcite 25ml - Hair Colour

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12x Schwarzkopf Extreme Violet X88 Palette Color XXL Xcite 25ml - Hair Colour
Intensive Prismatic Colors – Brilliant Multireflex Shine 

The ultimate color in power. Go for the latest trend in color shades that keep up with the pace of your life: COLOR XXL from Palette.

The high-performing formula of COLOR XXL from Palette comes with built-in color energy kick. It boosts the color pigments into your hair for an intensive and radiant color result with shine boosted to the max!


Safety instructions

Hair colour can cause an allergic reaction. Lasts for up to 6-8 washes. Gentle for your hair without ammonia and peroxide. For one usage. Easy and fast application. For longer hair use an additional sachet. Use protective gloves. Not recommended for bleached hair.



Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and towel dry. Comb your hair through. Place a towel over your shoulder in order to protect your clothes from possible splashes which may be difficult to remove. Put on protective gloves. Use scissors to cut off corner of sachet.



Apply colorant directly on to damp hair. Take about half of the contents of the sachet and massage the colour lotion on onto the hair. Start at the back of your hair. Apply the rest stepwise. Massage the colorant into your hair until it is spread evenly. If needed add a bit of water to produce more foam. Rinse the gloves off with clean water since you will need the gloves again while washing out the colour.


Exposure time

Allow 20-30 minutes for the hair colorant to work



Put the protective gloves on again. After the exposure time is over, rinse the hair thoroughly until the water runs clear. Just dry and style your hair as usual and then your ready to go!


For medium or long hair one or two additional sachets may be required.

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