Radialabs Instant Wrinkle Reducer 15ml

Brand: RadiaLabs
Product Code: RL
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  • Radialabs Instant Wrinkle Reducer is clinically tested to add more moisture to the skin, and to keep it there for longer. Maintain healthy and hydrated skin with the only moisturizer you'll ever need. Radialabs is perfect for immediate relief of problem dry areas, and perfect for daily use to keep the skin healthy, moist and hydrated. Daily use of Radialabs is clinically tested and proven to prevent dry skin, itching, peeling and cracking, and help maintain skin suppleness and elasticity.

    » Increase moisturization of the skin by 440% in less than 2-days

    » Moisturization increase of greater than 500% after 1 week

    » Decreases the visual appearance of fine lines up to 60% after 4-weeks

    » Hypoalergenic and suitable for all different skin types

    » Attacks wrinkles deep within source
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