Starlytes White Unscented Tea Night Lights 8 Hours Burn Time Candles

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Starlytes candles are a wonderful way to fill your home with a warm ambiance and fine fragrance. Made using a natural soy blend wax to ensure a clean burn and maximum fragrance release. Our candles melt consistently and evenly. Fragrance lingers after the candle is blown out. They will complement any decor, whether contemporary or traditional country home, and provides a welcoming atmosphere, on the dining table or anywhere in the home or restaurant. They will look and smell beautiful wherever they are placed.

Versatile unscented tealights are great for restaurants, events, and home decor. 

Suitable for any tealight candle holders protecting your surfaces from heat and wax spills.

  • Size approx: L19.5 x W19.5 x H2.8cm
  • Burn time approx: 8 Hours Each