3x Mainstays Premium Rattan Reed Diffuser Vintage Rose (100ml)

£19.99 19.99
3x Mainstays Vintage Rose Premium Quality Oil Rattan Reed Diffuser 100ml 

Mainstays Premium Quality Reed Diffuser 100 ml Air Freshener Scent Home Décor Fragrance Highly Fragranced. 
Smoke free, wax free, mess free, and flame free. 
Simple elegance design enhances the aesthetics of any room environment. 
Continuously absorb your favorite fragrance and release it into the air. Just insert the reeds and turn weekly to keep the fragrance constant.
Includes reed sticks and fragrance oil. Bottle capacity: 3.38 fl oz. 
Warning: Flammable. May cause sensitization by skin contact. 
Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. 
Keep out of the reach of children. 

Remove from packaging, unscrew lid and remove rubber seal. Submerge reed sticks into the fragranced liquid, remove and turn over and submerge the other side.

Read warnings and ingredients before use