10x Mix Fragranced Wax Cube Melts - (60 Cubes)

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10 Mix Fragranced Wax Cube Melts - (60 Cubes) 

Available Fragrances:

Cinnamon Spice 
Evergreen Spruce 
Hot Cross Buns 
Blue Hyacinth 
Garden Rain 
Pumpkin & Plum 
Harvest Pie 
Tahitian Sunset 
Apples & Berries 
Cosy Gatherings 
Shades Of Autumn 
Peaceful Waters 
Sweet Pea 
Cherry Pie 
Sweet Dough 
Fallen Leaves
Please refrain from requesting specific fragrances, the orders are processed before messages are read.

Individual units each contain 6 wax melts each. Net Weight is 1.25oz (35.4g) each pack of melts 

Of the 10, none will be Duplicates