Himalayan Salt Candle (Large)

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  • Himalayan Salt Candle

    A BEAUTIFUL LAMP THAT IMPROVES YOUR HEALTH. Looking for a lamp that is a unique, but not just a decorative lamp? Looking for something that will help you relax and benefit your health after a busy day at work?

    The Himalayan Salt Lamp is just what you need! Our Himalayan Salt Lamps provide a wide range of benefits:

    • PURIFY the air by killing bacteria and other germs
    • MPROVE breathing by filtering the air
    • INCREASE energy levels
    • REDUCE stress
    • HELP sleep patterns.

    Our lamps are made from 100% NATURAL Himalayan Salt. We can ensure you ours are made from 100% real Himalayan Pink Salt which can only be found on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains. These beautiful looking lamps are HANDCRAFTED quality lamps which slightly vary in colour and size, therefore making each one stunningly unique. These lamps will make a beautiful centrepiece to add to your home and at the same time will benefit your health.

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