Fudge Fuel Light Hold Nourishing Styling Glaze 50ml

Brand: Fudge
Product Code: MYDD100
Units in Stock: 1
  • Hold factor 1
    Feed your hair the fuel it craves with Fudge Fuel Styling Glaze and nourish your hair while keeping your hair in a wicked style.
    Fudge Fuel Styling Glaze is a light hold glaze that gives your hair a natural looking hold while continually feeding your hair nourishing ingredients to leave your hair luxuriously soft and shiny.
    Perfect for use adding definition to the tips of your hair or spraying throughout your hair to give it a light textured style, Fudge Fuel gives your hair weightless hold so your hair appears naturally styled while also fantastically soft and shiny.
    Reward your hair with the light hold, nourishing formula of Fudge Fuel Styling Glaze and strike the perfect balance between a natural, textured style and a styling product that cares for and nourishes your hair.

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