Ariel Actilift 168 Biological Laundry Tablets (84 Washes)

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  • Ariel Actilift 168 Biological Laundry Tablets Duo Pack (84 Washes)

    • Ariel tablets regular biological.
    • Ariel designed for professionals.
    • Outstanding whiteness even at 30°C.
    • Removes visible and invisible impurities.
    • Subtle freshness.
    • Stain removal.
    • Mix of multiple enzymes: attack broad range of stains.
    • Surfactant system: attack greasy stains.

    Patented biopolishing enzyme that untangles fibres allowing actives to penetrate deeper in the fibres and remove invisible dirt.

    Adjusted perfume system to deliver a non-overpowering fresh scent.

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