4x Finish Powerball Classic 68 Dishwasher Tablets and 1x Finish Dishwasher Cleaner (Lemon and Lime)

Brand: Finish
Units in Stock: 100
  • 4x Finish 68 Dishwasher Tablets
    This powerful formula from Finish rapidly soaks and softens even the toughest food residues. Containing powerful detergents, each tablet lifts and washes away all traces of food, grease and grime.

    1x Finish Dishwasher Cleaner (Lemon and Lime)
    Fights odours between washes. Freshens your dishwasher with cool, clean Lemon & Lime scent. Its special dual chambers work together so that every time you open your dishwasher you get a breath of refreshing Lemon & Lime scent.
    Dual fragrance. Fights odours. Instant freshness. Up to 60 washes. Easy hanging clip.

    Not Sold Seperately
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